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Breast Cancer Survivorship Programs in Tarzana, CA

Breast Cancer Survivorship in Tarzana, CA

Cancer  is unique to almost any other illness in the fact that even after it has been eliminated from your body, it could still take months or years to feel like yourself again. The treatment can be as rigorous as the disease, with procedures that would test the physical endurance of an Olympic athlete.

Your doctors take these issues to heart, which is why treatment and recovery plans are designed to strengthen your body and spirit for the road ahead.

Your doctor's goal is to not only heal you, but to help you maintain your lifestyle in a manner that won't keep you from doing the things that make you happy, whether it's playing with your children, traveling with your partner, or enjoying a quiet bike ride by yourself.

The Strength to Endure

Although surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy may be essential in eliminating cancer so that you can live a long and healthy life, they also take their toll on the body. The fatigue that comes along with any cancer therapy extends beyond the treatment room and into your life at home and work.

It is essential to not only keep a positive mindset, but to maintain a healthy body as well. That's why rehabilitation programs take place at the same time as your treatment.

A medical professional can teach you ways to conserve your energy and build your endurance to combat the exhaustion that comes with fighting your illness.

Along the way, you'll meet with physical therapists and nutritional counselors  who will help you build up your strength, endurance, and flexibility while eating a diet that will improve your overall health.

Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery

Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors in Tarzana, CA

A powerful tool for building the big three (strength, endurance, flexibility) is yoga. And in addition to strengthening your body, yoga teaches you to calm the mind by reminding you to relax and breathe.

It also helps restore range of motion which is extremely important after you've had a surgery such as a mastectomy, where a large amount of tissue and lymph nodes have been removed from your upper body.

Range of motion exercises such as yoga can also prevent the onset of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a chronic swelling that generally occurs in the arm and is caused by a blockage in the lymph passages. The tubes inserted after surgery are the first line of defense against this condition, but once they're removed, the best way to prevent it is with exercise.

A yoga program with modified poses designed specifically for those recovering from cancer treatment may be an ideal tool for helping you heal quicker and more completely.

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