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Alternative Treatments for Cancer in Logansport, IN

Alternative treatments for cancer in Logansport, IN

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a branch of medicine that focuses on using natural medicinal practices in conjunction with or in place of traditional mainstream medicine. With nearly 2 million Americans newly diagnosed with cancer each year, CAM therapies are growing in popularity, particularly for those who are looking for natural and effective treatments in the early stages of their disease.

Whichever combination of therapies you may prefer, it is always important to consult your healthcare provider first before committing to a treatment plan. Alternative treatments range from holistic pain management and stress relief to liver detoxification and nutritional healing, all of which can be administered professionally by an alternative cancer care specialist.

To schedule a consultation with a cancer treatment specialist in Logansport that specializes in alternative treatments for cancer, call (765) 259-0545 or contact Charles Turner MD online.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Center

You may find support in managing your cancer diagnosis at an alternative cancer treatment center. Common forms of alternative medicine that may be utilized by a cancer treatment center include:

Alternative Therapies for Cancer

Alternative therapies for cancer vary by cancer type and patient. In general, healthcare providers that specialize in alternative medicine may recommend:

  • Detoxification: While there is no known cure for cancer, hazardous toxins can take an adverse toll on the body, particularly the liver. Through detoxification, these toxins are removed, resulting in balanced health and reduced fatigue originally brought on by cancer.
  • Chelation therapy: Removing heavy metals and other hazardous toxins from the body may support a patient’s overall health by strengthening the immune system.
  • Immunotherapy: Cancer immunotherapy may help stimulate the immune system as a natural defense against tumors.
  • Diet: Making smart nutritional choices is a critical part of cancer treatment. Your healthcare provider may recommend adding various nutrients into your diet like increasing foods that contain higher antioxidant concentrations. They may also recommend eating many small meals throughout the day to accommodate a decrease in appetite or incorporating various dietary supplements to address nutritional deficiencies.

Complimentary Cancer Treatment

If you enter into traditional cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation, you may experience side effects that can negatively affect your quality of life. Your healthcare provider may recommend alternative medicine as a supplemental treatment plan to counteract the side effects of your cancer treatment. For instance, for stress and anxiety your healthcare provider may recommend massage and aromatherapy or meditation as ways to reduce symptoms, while acupuncture may be recommended for such symptoms as pain, nausea and vomiting.

It is important to discuss your prospective treatment plan with your healthcare provider who is best equipped to make recommendations based on the extent to which any treatment is explored. Schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional in Logansport that can help you create an alternative cancer treatment plan! Call (765) 259-0545 or contact Charles Turner MD online.

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